Premio Europa per il Teatro Premio Europa per il Teatro Premio Europa per il Teatro Premio Europa per il Teatro
XIV Edition - Regulation

The Europe Theatre Prize was created by the European Commission in 1986-87 as a pilot project in the field of theatre. It is recognised by the European Parliament and Council as a “European cultural interest organisation”. Its aims are to promote the knowledge and spread of drama throughout Europe, to advance the development of cultural relationships and to enrich the collective European consciousness. The Union of the Theatres of Europe is associate and supporting body, while the International Association of Theatre Critics, the Instituto Internacional del Teatro del Mediterráneo, the International Theatre Institute - UNESCO and the European Festival Association are associate bodies. The Europe Theatre Prize is awarded to personalities or theatrical institutions (theatres or companies) that have mostly contributed to the realization of cultural events which have promoted understanding and the exchange of knowledge between peoples. The prize is awarded to the career and the winner is chosen for the whole of his artistic path among notable personalities of international theatre considered in all its different forms, articulations and expressions. The Europe Theatre Prize is worth 60,000 euros. The Europe Prize Theatrical Realities has been awarded alongside the Europe Theatre Prize since its third edition. The Europe Prize Theatrical Realities is aimed at encouraging emerging trends and initiatives in European drama, considered in all its different forms, articulations and expressions. The choice should take account of the candidate’s complete work, of its innovative character and originality. The Prize may be awarded to a company, an artistic ensemble, a theatre, or a single artist. Since its second edition, the Jury of EPTR has indicated that the Prize should be an opportunity for meeting and confrontation between different modes of expression of European theatre. The choice should also take into consideration, over the years, the different geographical areas. The Europe Prize Theatrical Realities has been finally set from 20,000 to 30,000 Euros, as it was already approved on the occasion of the last edition. The money prize will be divided in equal shares. Both prizes must be collected personally by the winners during the Prize-giving ceremony which will take place at the end of Prize events, failure to do this will be the forfeiture of the pecuniary share of the award. The Jury comprises personalities from the world of culture and art, critics and cultural operators, who are representative of European theatre, and over the years has guaranteed an equal representation of the different geographical areas. The representatives of associate bodies are de jure members of Jury. The Jury is assisted in its selection of the candidates for the Europe Prize Theatrical Realities by a council composed of the members of the associate bodies, past winners of the Europe Theatre Prize and former members of the Jury, as well as representatives from the most important European and international Theatres, Institutions and Festivals of Theatre and Dance and critics from major European and international newspapers. The prize-giving ceremony is the culmination of a series of events comprising workshops, meetings and seminars aimed at analysing the work and performance of the prize-winners, together with creative events including the presentation of prize-winners’ productions, works in progress and open rehearsals, video retrospectives and publications. The programme includes a section called Returns, where productions may be presented, and interactive sessions held, with artists who have won the Europe Prize and the Theatrical Realities Prize in past years. These are intended to follow prize winners’ careers, and offer an opportunity for comparison and exchange. Further debates, round tables, workshops, and study seminars also foster a better understanding of the problems of European theatre. Above all, the prize offers a platform for the ongoing promotion of European culture.